Civic Technology for Sustainable Transport

  • This website describes projects and applications designed to help people improve their community. It focuses on applications for sustainable transport and community planning.

    Most of the work described here can be called “crowdsourcing” although the term “civic technology” is increasingly being used to recognise the expanding nature of activities being done by people and the new technological developments that are making this possible.

    We focus on four key types of crowdsourcing civic technology:

      • Reporting problems – applications allowing people to report straight forward problems to appropriate agencies (e.g., potholes).


      • Providing and analysing data – applications enabling people to collect, share, and analyse data (e.g., traffic counting sensors and software).


      • Collaboration and discussion – applications helping people work together (virtually) to solve a complex problem (e.g., develop a neighbourhood plan).


      • Acting and supporting – applications allowing people to provide services (e.g., sharing) and support projects (e.g., Kickstarter).

    Remember that crowdsourcing is not simply asking for input, it’s an fundamental step in building communities that can help support and achieve important civic and social goals. Participating in a crowdsourcing campaign gives you a stake in the project.

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  • 596acres used crowdsourcing to help develop support and ideas for reusing vacant property in New York City.

    596acres used crowdsourcing to help develop support and ideas for reusing vacant property in New York City.

Four Ways to Improve Your Community

  • Report

    Reporting consists of identifying problems to the responsible agency or city. More about Reporting.

  • Collect & Analyse Data

    Streetbump App - BostonInexpensive sensors and open data enable everyone to collect and analyse data. More about collecting and analysing transport data.

  • Collaborate

    Ringstrasse150 - Ring Ride website screen shot.

    Education and public participation applications make it easier than ever to collaborate on developing new ideas. More about Collaboration.


  • Act and Support


    Kickstarter project to fund building a bus shelter.People can support and provide sustainable transport using crowdfunding and peer-to-peer sharing. More about Act and Support.


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    GreenCityStreets is a project by Andrew Nash, a Vienna-based transport planner. Nash helps clients develop social media, serious games and crowd sourcing applications designed to improve cities and transport systems. See for more about Nash, his work and publications.


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